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NetSense Media Services

Our website services include professional website design, website development, website content development, website maintenance, administration and more. We build websites from scratch, we fix and update existing websites and handle any internet or website related task. We do everything.

NetSense Media Digital Media Production

We provide solutions for delivering high quality media to the web and other commercial outlets. Services include: professional quality audio and video, pre- & post-production, mixing and mastering, video editing and social media integration.

NetSense Media Project Management

Our internet and digital expertise points projects in the right direction and streamlines production from start to finish. We consider all aspects of the big picture and develop strategic plans to effectively meet project goals. Our technical knowledge and organizational methods are assets that serve our clients well on every project.

NetSense Media Internet Marketing

Launching a website is only the first step, our Internet Marketing services bring your audience to you. We know that getting clicks and website traffic is only one part of the process, converting those clicks and traffic into real leads, contacts and sales is always the ultimate goal. We provide comprehensive digital marketing strategies for your business across search engines, social media and the real world.

NetSense Media offers graphic design services for web and print media. Full design services including: corporate branding, flyers, posters, promotional materials, brochures, business cards, CD and DVD designs and more. We have an eye for creating effective designs and produce deliverables for any print, web or media format. We can put together the right design materials for any project.

We provide hosting solutions to accomodate any size website. Everything from domain names and email to dedicated servers and secure cloud solutions high traffic sites.

Keeping your website clean and your software up to date with current file backups is a crucial part of having a website. Our website maintenance packages offer peace of mind.

Our website Search Engine Optimization services are designed to increase web traffic and visibility through content building and market research to execute SEO goals.

We develop and refine text copy and media content for websites. If you're not sure what to say or how to convey information on your website, we're here to help you. We research, write and market original and unique content for your company brand, services and products.

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